Favorite Loc Stuff

Peace light squad,

If you saw my last YouTube video, then you know I miss my locs and plan to loc my hair again in the future. In that video, I had originally said I would lock my hair after I married, but I also try to listen to what I am being called to do. I promised my partner that I would “enjoy” having an Afro for the summer before locking my hair again.

So I’m going through my hair supplies, getting rid of things and adding stuff back to my stash. So I’m sharing my favorite loc items.


Satin Pillowcase: these should be a staple in every natural girl’s arsenal. I use these purple ones I found on good ole Amazon. They keep the


moisture from being sucked out of my hair while I sleep.

SLAP (satin lined cap): one days where I have changed my pillowcases out, I put on a slap. Unfortunately, my mom kidnapped all of my SLAPs, so I’ll be ordering new ones very soon. She also makes satin lined wraps/turbans, which are calling my name so softly.

Aloe Vera Juice/Gel: I focus a lot on maintaining the health of my hair, particularly my scalp. It’s good for promoting hair growth, moisturizing dry hair, and helping with itchy scalp. I add this to my spray bottle and focus on my scalp.

Oils: Another thing that helps with the health of my hair and scalp are a few oils. I try to use oils twice a week when I massage my scalp. I use a combination of jojoba, olive, and coconut oils with a few drops of tea tree, lavender and frankincense essential oil mixed in for some added benefits. If you want my recipe, let me know.

Jewelry: One of the things I loved about my locs, whether it was the first set or the second, was being able to adorn them with jewelry. I kept my loc jewelry from Kpelle Designs after I cut my first set of locs off, and still have them after detangling my second set. Sometimes, things stay because they’re meant to be part of your growth and evolution.11001603_10153122901264645_6599087395165331149_o

Scarves/Wraps: So my hair has always had a mind of its own. Unless I was interlocking my hair, once I washed my hair or sprayed my scalps one too many times, my retwist was gone. Some days, I would be walking around with a mini Afro on my head with my locs coming undone halfway. I have a variety of different scarves to suit my mood and outfit choice. And since I can wear them to work, no one will ever see me looking less than cute.

Shampoo: I was always worried about buildup when it came to my locs, so I never used conditioner. I would stick to different shampoos. Some of my favorites include Seanik and Karma Komba shampoo bars from Lush, Lavender Pure Castile Liquid Soap from Dr. Bronners and the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo from Alikay Naturals. I think I’ll be skipping the Karma Komba this time around, since the Lush website mentions it being used for detangling.


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