Things I Did for Wellness | Weeks 1 + 2

Peace Family,

I’m documenting the things that I’m doing to restore my wellness. I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of what makes me feel better.

Cleaned My Space: I do believe that your space a is reflection of what’s going on internally. My room has been a mess for…forever. So I’ve been working on decluttering and clearing out my space. I still have some work to do, but already my space feels more open.

Got my septum pierced: So one of the things that’s been on my mind has been really making the choices that I want to make. I let a lot of other people make decisions for me and I think not owning my power is a big part of my feeling bad. So I walked into one of the best tattoo and piercing studios in my area, and scheduled my appointment. I had it done today and I love it. I can’t wait until it heals so I can switch out the jewelry.

Went to the chiropractor: My wellness journey isn’t just about my mental wellness. It’s also about my physical wellness. One of the problems I had been dealing with was this throbbing back pain. I knew it was job related, and I had just been avoiding having it taken care of because I didn’t think my insurance covered the chiropractor. A series of synchronicities led me to my chiropractor. I go once a week to have my back, and left hip, adjusted. In another nine weeks I should be good as new.

Started reading again: So one of my safe havens has always been books. Books have been my escape since I was twelve. I was unable to read as much as I wanted to with everything going on in my life and I felt like I was suffering for it. So I started carrying my kindle in the pocket of my scrubs and whenever I get the chance, I crack it open. I’ll post what I’m reading in the next few days.

Tried meditation: So I have a love-hate relationship with meditation. I love how it makes my body feel but I tend to fall asleep in the process. It’s probably because I’m laying down, so I’m looking for a good meditation cushion so that I can be upright.

Consumed more content that makes me feel good: A lot of the content that we consume is so negative and the constant listening to it drags me down. In some instances I can’t help hearing the negative media, so I like to reinforce myself with positive content before and after each instance. I feel that consuming content that makes me feel good will do wonders for my mindset.

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