Wellness Stuff I’m Currently Using

Peace Family,

Originally I started doing these posts on my other website to showcase the items I’m testing out as I minimize the items in my space.

Here, I’m doing things a little different.

Here, I’m showcasing the items that I’m using to  take back my wellness. So if I’m using a yoga mat, it’ll be here. If I’m adding something to my smoothies, I’ll tell you about it here. If I am doing a new wellness practice, I’ll talk about it here.

I’m going to try to do this each month and maybe I’ll highlight some of the best things from this month in the next month. So kind of like a favorites, kind of like a haul, but whatever I feel is related to my personal wellness.

Food Wellness:

Matcha Lattes and Golden Milk: I started adding both of these to my morning and evening routines at the beginning of the month. I had tried making the golden milk on the stove, but heating almond milk is  hassle. Since picking up a milk frother, I’ve been making these two delicious drinks.

Both have some awesome benefits like preventing disease (M), boosts metabolism (M), support healthy cholesterol levels (GM), protect against liver damage (GM), etc.

Physical Wellness:

Liforme Yoga Mat: I’ve wanted to get back to my yoga practice (or lack thereof) for a few months. I put my yoga mat in the hallway a few months ago because I wanted to declutter my space, and I never brought it back in. I walk past it 4-6 times a day and just never grabbed it. I started practicing again via YouTube using the Brett Larkin Ritual setup and I’m now practicing 3 times a week,

Brett Larkin Uplifted: I signed up for Uplifted a few months back and never used it to its full potential. Originally I signed up because I wanted access to the full yoga programs Brett offered. However, since the beginning of this new soul wellness journey, I’ve been looking at the community aspect of her system. She has live calls to talk to the Uplifted community and I think it’s a new family for me to become a part of.


Going to the Chiropractor: So this is not something that was really well known, but I was developing back problems. I assisted with someones range of motion and felt a sharp pain in my back. It never really got better. It was a constant throbbing pain and some nights my boyfriend could feel an actual knot on my lower back. The pain was starting to bleed into my non working life, so I finally took myself to a chiropractor. I’ve had two sessions and so far my pain has gone from an 8/10 to a 5/10.

Getting a new mattress: I wanted to tackle my back problems in every way possible. Along with taking up my yoga practice and going to the chiropractor, I decided to get a new mattress. Scratch that, I bought a whole new bed. I opted for a hybrid mattress on the firmer side because it’s better for people in multiple positions. It also has this cooling effect which feels nice.

Emotional Wellness:

Stanley: I had hidden my insecurities about myself from my boyfriend for a good chunk of our relationship. He could occasionally see chinks in my armor, but I don’t think he knew how bad I would feel some days. Hiding how I was feeling about myself from him often made me feel worse. How I felt about myself on every level was affecting my relationship with him. I would randomly be upset, I wouldn’t be in the mood and I would go from hot to cold in the blink of an eye.

And he took all of it in stride. Since admitting to him, and the rest of the world, about how I really felt, I feel so much love. I always knew that he loves me and on days where I felt good about myself, I could feel his love. But now instead of just feeling it on an external level, I feel it internally. Imagine feeling the heat from the sun through a window, and then imagine walking outside and feeling the sun warm your skin. Now imagine if you actually held the sun inside of your soul and it was warming you from the inside out. That’s the change I feel.

Even though my journey is so very fresh, he’s doing everything in his power to love and support me. Taking me to Whole Foods, helping me unleash my afro, helping me cleanse my space, etc. Whatever I need, I know he has my back and my heart. I think one of the things I’m most excited about in this journey in connecting to myself is being able to be a better lover, girlfriend and friend to him. He’s my rock.

Spiritual Wellness:

Bhagavad Gita and The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: One of the things I’m constantly examining is my spirituality. I feel a persons spirituality helps shape their life and connect them to their purpose. And I didn’t feel connected to anything, so I just kept exploring. The lessons I’m learning from the Gita can be applied no matter what your actual faith is. It’s teaching a way of life and how to connect to the Divine. Plus it helps me connect with my yoga practice.





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